If you simply want to make unscented bars of soap that do the job, then you only.

Let’s look at these factors in more detail.

. So, your grand total for all your fixed overhead costs, is $363.

For example, if you only have coconut oil on hand and don’t want to buy more oils, you’d be better off saving up to splurge on another oil.

Jul 20, 2016 · class=" fc-falcon">These oils still make a great bar of soap.

The soap was popular enough to rename their company after it – ‘Palmolive’ (today’s Palmolive. . Ironically, it is 100% soap free, which makes it friendly on color treated hair.

The cost of soap making depends entirely on the process and equipment you’ll use and how luxurious or basic your recipe is in terms of your range of ingredients.

Certain factors like handcrafting, small production scales, and more expensive ingredients all contribute to a more expensive price. 00 per month. Is homemade soap a superior product to store bought? Now for the fun part.

If you wish to make something simple, you can even make soaps that can be $7 for every loaf you make. .


Making your own is the most cost effective way to have luxury soap at a low cost.

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Where I see too many people go wrong is a ton of superfluous additives, needlessly rarified oils, and scents. When you decide to make your own soap, there are a lot of startup costs you have to consider.

But let’s just say you want to use expensive types of butter and oils, you’ll still be able to make cheap soaps by getting 7-8 bars per loaf.


Future articles will discuss cold process.

Wearing gloves can be an easy fix to protect your skin as you clean. . Future articles will discuss cold process.

Install Javascript. The lye is dissolved in the liquid first, and then is blended with the oils to create soap. . This is really good to see here. . A caustic: Sodium hydroxide (AKA lye) for solid bar soap, potassium hydroxide (AKA potash) for liquid soap.

95 to make, meaning each bar of soap will cost around $1.

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For instance, if you spent $40 for everything, and made 8 bars of soap for that, your price per bar of soap is $5.


00 with all my costs/materials and I also sell.

Soap is made from reacting a fat or oil (or a mixture) with a strong base (something with very high pH).

So, your grand total for all your fixed overhead costs, is $363.