It is also referred to as opening coil or shunt release.


By energizing the shunt trip you can open the circuit breaker remotely. Correct.



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It is a magnetic coil that can be energized externally to make the breaker trip to shut off the flow of current.

Various remote ON/OFF configurations are possible using different combinations of the accessories below. At 0.

manually or through fault. citation dol hp / kw overload relay cat.

fc-falcon">coil trip attachment of its associated reactor trip breaker.


This will hold the voltage in for an adjustable period.

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Last year, we published a post on a promising new procedure , Percutaneous Transvenous Coil Embolization (PTCE) for the repair of liver shunts.

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Product Description: LV429390 - MX shunt trip release, Compact NSX, 24 VDC| Schneider Electric Hong Kong, China.

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When a condition requiring a reactor trip is sensed by a ~iven train of logic, power is automatically removed from its associ-ated UV coil, allowing a spring-actuated mechanical linkage to trip open the reactor trip breaker.